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Garage Door Springs
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Here we want to highlight the main symptoms your garage door will show if your springs need work or replacement. Many owners tend to ignore their garage doors until a major problem befalls them. In most cases, long costly procedures can be drastically reduced with regular maintenance. The better care you take of your garage door throughout the seasons, the longer it will serve you with little to no major issues.

If The Door Is Hard To Move

Garage Door SpringsThis is the most telling indication that the springs are off balance or becoming less effective. If you feel it becoming increasingly hard to open and close the door, most the time, the springs are to blame. Extension and torsion springs counterbalance each other to ensure the door remains stable as you measure it. If either spring is allowed to degrade sufficiently, the door can become quite aggressive in its movement. Garage door springs can be dangerous to work with as they can release their tension rapidly, this is usually the reason that people decide to let trained professional work to repair them.

A Loud Bang Before The Door Breaks Down

When a spring is left to deteriorate to the points of utter collapse, it can break suddenly. This will create a very loud bang. You may be around when this occurs, as it can take place as you are moving the door and changing the tension in the springs. As soon as you hear this sound, you’ll know it’s one of the springs that has gone. Springs should always be worked on by professionals, as their installation and removal involved precise processes that can be dangerous if attempted by someone with little training. 

Expert Garage Door Spring Replacement

Call Garage Door Repair Orlando now to have your garage door springs expertly repaired or swapped for new versions. Some new spring designs feature safety measure to make them more user friendly, like containment chambers surrounding the spring. Get in touch today to find out more about any of our service or to arrange a visit by one of our friendly technicians

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